It was all worth it to get here.

I spent the afternoon placing 2 foley catheters, an NG tube, and then a few hours practicing suturing and getting BLS-certified.

Immediately after this, our dean gathered our team together and bought us wine and pizza before our evening lecture.

My program rocks.

(I start surgery on Monday, guys!  And I suck at suturing.  I have suturing supplies to practice with this weekend – hopefully that will bring me up a few notches to “incompetent, but teachable.”)

(Or at the very least, maybe a step above “drugged monkey playing with string”.)

6 thoughts on “It was all worth it to get here.

  1. But ‘drugged monkey playing with string’ is just so much more entertaining!
    Have fun with surgery! I’ve heard from others that it’s “really awesome” but they’d “never do it as a career because of the hours”.
    (Also I just wanted to say I love your blog. 🙂 )

  2. I’m going to bookmark this post and save it for later when I think “THIS CANNOT POSSIBLY BE WORTH IT”

    I doubt that I’ll ever think that… but I do still have the prereqs and preclinical years ahead of me.

  3. I used dental floss and a curved drawer handle to practice hand ties. Just keep repeating them while you’re watching TV or something – after about 20 reps, you’ll have it down pat.

  4. Congratulations! I just finished reading Anthony Youn’s In Stitches; he mentions buying pigs feet and scavenging old suture materials to practice his stitching. Good luck.

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