USMLE Day 1: Biochem Makes Me Feel Like Michelangelo

If you hired me solely to draw biochem pathways all day, I would buy the fanciest set of Staedtler pens and use only the heaviest of heavy-weight paper and I would buy a beret and no one could stop me from wearing it indoors, no one.

… luckily, when planning my Step 1 schedule, I grudgingly acknowledged this and gave myself an entire 48 hours to live out the dream, guilt-free, under the clever guise of “making flashcards”.

Urea Cycle(No, but seriously, I did really make flashcards – I just drew each pathway and saved it with different words blanked out.  I swear to god the effort was semi-productive.)

TCA Cycle alpha ketogultarate dehydrogenase

Actually, artists working on their Art and med students working on Step 1 are pretty damned similar.

Both artists and USMLE-studiers get to feel like nobody understands you, nobody really gets the true magnitude of what you’re attempting, or how it requires you to work through the night and not pay attention to trivial, mundane details like “dishes” and “laundry” and “social interaction”, god, can’t you see this is important?  

glycogenolysis and synthesis FULL

Also, both artists and USMLE-studiers get to drop a lot of humble-brags while being generally insufferable to everyone else around them and going through a lot of expensive paper and inner turmoil about how to color-code co-factors.

… I imagine.

… Hypothetically.

… I don’t actually know whether artists have inner turmoil about co-factors, I guess that one’s a bit of a miss.