3rd Year Orientation: In Pictures

Inner monologue:  Okay, self.  You can do this.  You have passed years of hardcore study at a respected academic institution and have the entire world of medicine at your fingertips.  IT’S GO TIME.

“Oh, welcome.  So this is the Cisco system, where you document your ARPs – log in with your ARK password. Then if you want to look at an inpatient record, log onto EPIC using a different password, and document the RUTN code. Unless you want to see images.  Then log into MichTech, using a third password. Then make sure every day you do APGO practice questions from the OTN site and fill out your PPA.”

“… Not a joke.  Also, you’re not supposed to use the old EMR, but half the physicians refuse to learn the new one.  So log into CRONIS too.”
“Oh. And it has a different password.”



The End

7 thoughts on “3rd Year Orientation: In Pictures

  1. Just keep a mini-notepad that contains all your usernames and passwords. Also the number to IT so that you can call them to reset them when you forget them/they expire. You’ll get the hang of this in no time.

    • Good advice in just about every industry. I have friends that build and design IT systems that still have to deal with having 10 different accounts on disconnected. I keep a text file on my computer with all my login usernames and passwords and IT is on speed dial on my office phone as well as my personal cell. Encouraging to know that the same type of insanity exists in medicine as well.

  2. Create a file/system on your phone for storing usernames and passwords. I swear to you that this will save you much time, blood, sweat, tears and other bodily fluids in the future! You will have over one billion by the time you graduate…and another five trillion after finishing residency.

    • Agreed! I haven’t experienced the m3 year yet, but I worked in a hospital that had a similar situation. I kept all log-ins and passwords on my phone. It helped a LOT.

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