Misery loves company…

After writing that entry yesterday, I definitely sat around in pajamas catching up on tv and blogs all afternoon (Yes, as you can tell, I am an exciting person who does glamorous things.)  That was an awesome break, but I felt even better after going out to dinner and drinks with some friends – because it turned out that everyone is worried.  I don’t think the whole class has ever felt so overwhelming pessimistic about a test, unless you count the first one, which I don’t.

In fact, I know a grand total of 1 person who thinks he probably didn’t fail.  Hopefully this means I’ll have some company if I have to do the Walk of Shame to the course director’s office* next week.

In the meantime, while I was obsessed with embryology, it turned out that Gross Anatomy still, apparently, continued to exist.  So I have a ton to catch up on, but on the plus side, GA is… not embryology.  (Look, I’ll memorize arteries, I’ll memorize innervations – I’ll memorize whatever Anatomy throws at me – just as long as I never hear another word about BMP/Shh/FGF gradients ever again until step 1 for awhile.  That’s all I care about.)

So, right.  Thorax.  I should go learn about that, I hear there’s some pretty important stuff in there.

*  Actually, since no one will know that’s where you’re going, it would be less a walk of shame and more of a walk of “Oh, hey, I have a thing!  To go to!  A legitimate thing! …. which I cannot tell you about, because of… HIPAA.”
Seriously, though, there are a handful of people who fail each test (according to our professors), but I have yet to hear anyone own up to it.  Can’t blame them, but I wonder whether they’re telling trusted friends, or if they’re really just keeping it a secret, which sounds lonely and also like something I would do.


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