Saturday Night Live

I’m trying something new with anatomy – I bought a sketchbook and I’m drawing out all the relevant Netter pages.  It’s actually really fun – it’s amazing how well bribing myself to study works.  Turns out I just needed pretty new art supplies and a Lord of The Rings / 30 Rock marathon on in the background as I sketch out various views of the celiac trunk*.

Meanwhile, Boyfriend is now on his Trauma Surgery rotation, so…  eurgh.  Guys, I can’t even explain how awful that rotation sounds.  It really injects a really healthy dose of “it could be worse” into my life.

(Not that I didn’t already know it could be worse, I guess – as much as I complain here, I really love med school.  I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing, unless it involved getting paid lots of money to just sit on a porch swing of a log cabin somewhere and write really terrible novels, and even then I’d get bored of that after awhile.)  Might as well just try to enjoy learning about portal vein tributaries.

Especially when doing so means I get to relive my glory years of high school art class.

*  I know, it’s Saturday night… but when morning lectures are optional and recorded, any night can be a saturday night – and I already had two of them this week.  Any more, and it’ll start to feel like freshman year of undergrad.
** Okay, fine, so not my freshman year, specifically…  My freshman year, my best friend and I had quaint habits of only going out once a week.  Maybe it’s because we had both already been living on our own for a couple years, but I’m pretty sure we were the only people at Midwestern U who saw people doing Wednesday night Jagerbombs and were like, “… don’t they have class tomorrow?”.
We were fun and out of control like that.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Night Live

  1. Yea, last night was spent practicing the physical exam for my clinical practical today and studying neuro. gotta love weekends in med school 🙂

  2. No worries! I’m an undergrad (though, not a first year I guess…) and my Saturday night consists of Chipotle and a hot date with 6 hours of Circadian Rhythms podcasts.

    • Oh man, that’s awesome. Also, I now feel old, because back when I took a similar course, I’m pretty sure that science did not yet know 6 hours worth of information about circadian rhythms. Not gonna lie, the neuro nerd in me is kind of jealous!

  3. For me (freshman undergrad), I always experience that the day after, i.e. I hear about people getting smashed and doing something stupid at 2 am. I’m always impressed they managed to show up for class.

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