Rethinking my commitment to Being A Cat Person

I’m cat-sitting for two friends right now.  It’s great in every sense except for the one where I realize all my ex-boyfriends were right to prefer dogs.

The Limit to How Many Stupid Things A Cat Can Do In One Day:

Let’s tally it up.

1. Tried to eat a small stuffed Moses.

2. Knocked a glass jar off the counter.

3. Tried to eat the shards of glass that ensued from this decision.

4. Played a poorly thought-out game called “pouncing on the shards of glass”.

5. Tried to eat the shards of glass again

6. Bit and scratched me as I carried him away from the area of broken glass.

7.  Immediately ran back to the area of broken glass.

8.  Repeat 6 and 7 until I gave up and shut him in the hallway.

9. Whined and cried at the hallway door about not being allowed to eat the delicious broken glass.

8. After being released, immediately running off to the kitchen to see if there was any broken glass left to eat.

9. Despite the fact that the blood oozing from my hand was surely a little higher in actual nutritional value.

But it’s okay.  After all that, I decided to rebalance the forces of the universe myself.  Namelyby bravely commandeering the ice cream out of said friend’s freezer.  (If said friend is reading this, don’t worry – it was just the vanilla.  It was a necessary casualty.  It made up for the wounds I sustained in the line of duty.)

I hear dogs are nice.

10 thoughts on “Rethinking my commitment to Being A Cat Person

  1. The trick is to spray/flick/throw water at the cats so they run away in fear 😛 Works like a charm…unless it’s a Maine Coon, in which case they seem to like/tolerate water well =/

  2. That. Is. Fantastic. Due to recently becoming a foster-mom to 5 troublesome kittens I can only nod in sympathy. On the plus side at least there was one cat. Ever try to keep kittens out of potted plants? When there are FIVE of them? And for some reason knocking dirt all over my carpet is considered the height of cat amusement. At least there was no glass 🙂

  3. Yeah, they do stupid stuff sometimes, but I have one that plays fetch like a dog, often without any prompting from me. He’s a little weird, but cute as all get-out. Stories like this are why I don’t have much glass in my house; I’m a terrible klutz and that’s on top of two cats…I have lots of plastic-ware and metal. I think I’d go over the edge with 5 kittens like MS 101 described…LOL!

  4. awww but cats do awesome things like….shed all over the place, snoop around in the kitchen pantry if you leave the door open, stand on your keyboard when you’re trying to write important essays, and…. ya who am I kidding, my cat drives me nuts sometimes.
    Still though, it could be worse. Last dog I had demolished her kennel and ate a phonebook because I left the house for an hour.

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