Interview days can be… rough.

Occasionally I’m one of the med students who takes the interviewees to lunch and answers questions.  After the lunch, they’re whisked away for a tour of the hospital, much like at every other med school.

Today one of the girls anxiously pulled me aside after lunch, and asked me if I could help her somehow quickly get a tampon.  Normally, that’d be easy – my room is conveniently located in the same building – but since the tour guides were actually rounding everyone up right at that moment, I thought it was at least a little funny that I had to basically act like I was stealing a student away from them.  (“Uh, where are you going?”  “… oh, I… want to show her my room.  We’ll meet up in a bit BYE!”)

What an interview day looks likeI’m usually a better on-the-spot liar than that, but in that situation, I really couldn’t think of anything better.  Once the crisis was averted, we were pretty damned late for the tour, so I just gave her the Cliff’s Notes of what she was missing, found and silently reunited her with the tour, ignored the utterly confused look from the guy giving the tour, and counted it as a win.

I’m not gonna lie, I was half tempted to let him know later that I actually had a good reason to “show her my room” and make her miss half the tour, but… ugh, doesn’t feel right to me, since the only reason would be for me to save face.  She might come here next year, and nobody wants to be known as “tampon girl” to any of the M2s.  (Although – not gonna lie – I’m not crazy about being known as “girl who kidnaps interviewees” either.  I’ve just got to assume that nobody actually cares.)

2 thoughts on “Interview days can be… rough.

  1. I’ll admit that as a male I don’t *truly* understand the mysteries of menstruation and all that goes with it.
    However, surely this was a pretty big preparedness fail on her behalf.
    Altruism win, though, for you. Big empathy points (you could maybe put that on a CV somewhere when it comes to the match – on second thoughts, maybe not!)

  2. haha, I don’t think this is a “big preparedness fail” on the interviewees part, to say so is rather harsh. It’s not an uncommon situation for girls to be in, and I think most girls out there have at some point been the one in need of the tampon/pad and been the one providing it.

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