Advice for life

Our anatomy lab building is open to us 24/7 – we just have to change into scrubs to go into the lab itself.  These scrubs are kept in lockers in the hallway, though, so we have to take a hike down to the other side of the floor to actually change in a bathroom.

I would just like to share that, no matter how sure you are that no one else is studying on a Saturday night, it is probably not a good idea to change right in the hallway.  Even if your other two female friends agree with you that this is an awesome time-saver.

Or – if you are set on getting half-naked in the hallway – perhaps make sure that you don’t start talking really loudly. First, you might say a word that sounds very close to the name of one of your lab partners.

Secondly, he might just hear you and open the lab door to say hi – and there you are, standing in your underwear.

I just hope residency applications ask about community service.  “Living my life as a cautionary tale to others” should about cover it.

5 thoughts on “Advice for life

  1. Sorry, but I just had to share a totally different story, which this reminded me of. Day one of anatomy lab our professor asked for volunteers to show their backs so that we could trace the skeleton on the backs, palpating for landmarks. Several guys volunteered, but there still weren’t enough. So, I ripped off my scrub top (I was not wearing a bra at the time), and cheerily volunteered. Some mouths dropped. But hey, I’m not shy, and this is friggin MED SCHOOL, I thought. No need to be shy about some boobies.

    A week later I was in line at Subway and I overhead a girl say, “did you hear about that girl who got naked in anatomy lab?!! LIKE OMG!!”

    I tapped her on the back and said, “yeah, I’m THAT girl.”


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