USMLE Day #3: UWorld and I Are Fighting

Me:  Okay!  I’ve successfully studied ALL of molecular biology in 3 days!  It was hard but by God, I have gone through everything that could possibly be tested!  TRY ME NOW, UWORLD.

UWorld:  Cool.  Let me give you this DNA strand, okay?  It looks like this:


 Me:  Huh.  Okay.

UWorld:  Now, what’s the last amino acid in the resulting protein? waiting expectantly Me: … aha.  I see what you’re doing..

UWorld:  ?

Me:  You want me to get tripped up on the 3′ – 5′ thing.

UWorld:  … Hmm?

Me:  And on top of that, you expect me to confused about the DNA versus RNA thing.

UWorld:  Ah.

Me:  Too bad for you.

UWorld:  … Oh?

Me:  YES.  Because I studied this stuff.  I literally studied it backwards and forwards.

UWorld:  I see.

Me:  Right.  Oh, and the transcriptions versus translation thing?  I’m onto that, too.  That’s totally MCAT material.  So nice try there, but better luck next time.

UWorld: Because..?

Me:  Because I can confidently say the answer is “B”.

UWorld:  *snort*

Me:  …….?

UWorld: ohnoyoudontUWorld:  Hahahahahaha, NO.  So sad for you.  There was a “UAA” in the second codon.  That’s a stop codon.  Cute try, though.

Me: ………

UWorld:  Hey, maybe you should make a little mnemonic for yourself:  We stop at the stop codon.  Pro tip.

Me: buffy face slow closeup samuel jackson

6 thoughts on “USMLE Day #3: UWorld and I Are Fighting

  1. Oh my gosh, I wish you were around when I was studying for my Step 1. I could’ve used the comic relief/partner in misery!

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