Does anyone have a lecture on amyloidosis or sarcoidosis?

If you could find it in your heart to send me a link, or a dropbox address, or really anything at all – that would be amazing, because I don’t know anything about them.  THINK OF THE FUTURE PATIENTS.

(Or, more selfishly, think of my medicine shelf grade.  I’m taking the exam on Monday, and I am in trouble, because

Literally Everything I Know About These 2 Diseases:

1.  Along with Lupus, they make up the holy differential diagnosis trinity of Confusing Multi-system Presentations.

2.  If the question stem says the patient is African-American, they have sarcoidosis and you should order a CXR.

3.  Amyloid is pink.

I realize this doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. That’s fair.)

The thing that bothers me about these 2 diseases is that it’s impossible to find a good summary.  Every textbook (and class) is broken up into sections by specialty, and so Amyloidosis & Sarcoidosis just get fricasseed into a billion pieces because no one wants to take ownership of diseases that cross their specialty lines.

(This is why, I suspect, Metropolis Med never covered them.  No sub-specialist feels qualified to talk about things outside their specialty.  So they’ll tell you about the fibrosis caused in their favorite organ, and if you ask about the extra-systemic manifestations, they’ll just wave their hands and say “more fibrosis” – which is probably the correct answer – but still.)

Anyway, seriously, the shelf is the day after tomorrow and I’ve got nothing.  If you could send me a link to your med school’s lecture on either of these diseases, you will be my new best friend.  You will make my weekend amazing.  You will cause me to fist-pump the air and say “yesss!” loudly.

… to everyone else, sorry this was a lame entry.  Here’s a baby being a flamingo.

3 thoughts on “Does anyone have a lecture on amyloidosis or sarcoidosis?

  1. Hey… 2nd year med student here. Sadly, I have all of about five slides on sarcoidosis in the lecture we had yesterday on immunoproliferative diseases so this comment is mostly just to say that I love your blog. Really funny and honest at the same time. Good luck on your test.

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