I now have the strangest urge to illustrate a picture book.

Yesterday I got a tablet!

But we have 2 finals next week, so before wasting an entire afternoon learning how to draw on it, I promised myself I’d spend the entire morning studying virology.

This could also easily be a picture of "What Action Potential has been up to for the past 3 days" (or: "Why she posted a poem about Mad Cow Disease yesterday with no explanation.") Adaptivity!


So at exactly noon, I stuffed all of my un-useful rabies notes in my backpack and headed back to my room, where I happily proceeded to waste a crazy amount of time playing around with pastels.

I also ate half a pizza.

But I justified all of this irresponsibleness by playing epidemiology lectures in the background and (finally) recycling all of the amazon boxes that I had been stockpiling in a corner of my room.  (Now I no longer look like I’m living in a cellar!  My mother would be so proud.)


3 thoughts on “I now have the strangest urge to illustrate a picture book.

  1. Yup, tablets have the power to do that… I bought myself a wacom intuos 3 a few years ago and lost many hours to it. I don’t really know why I did it, as I have no talent whatsoever, but I don’t regret it!

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