Test Day 3

Today was our histo/path final!

Sadly,  there’s no reason to get excited about it, because we’re going to have a test every 2 weeks from now on.  In fact, we have that head & neck exam next Monday.  Sad.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the pharmacology unit, which should either be awesome or the worst thing ever.  I’m leaning towards “worst thing ever”, since my brain shuts down anytime it comes across a word that starts in “pharm” and has more than 3 syllables.  (In a moment of optimism, I thought about doing some pre-reading for tomorrow’s lecture – picked up the book, read the word “pharmacokinetics” on the first page – put it right back down and turned on the tv.)

So if nothing else, here’s to my last night of not having to know anything about pharmacokinetics.  Cheers.


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