First Test

So our first test (the benchmark we’re all using to convince ourselves that we really belong here and aren’t just the byproduct of an admissions committee typo) is Thursday, and it’s a little intense around here right now.  Despite this, I’m using my Sunday afternoon to write a blog post instead of memorizing metabolic diseases.  This is either because I’m self-aware enough to know when I have a handle on the material, or because I’m still stuck in an undergrad mentality and have no flipping idea how intense this test will be. Pick your favorite.

All I know is that after Thursday, we move on from my undergrad major and start working on histology, which I’ve already mentioned is bizarre and scary to me, and has to be worse than this test.  It’s pictures of cells.  You have to categorize cells and tissue-types based on pictures.    (Do you guys realize that I can’t even categorize male movie stars by pictures?  Any time a movie has more than 2 male leads wearing casual clothes (no easily identifiable superhero costumes), I get totally lost – movies like Inception and Ocean’s 11 usually leave me totally confused for at least 2 or 3 pivotal scenes where I have to lean over to Boyfriend and whisper:

Me: Who’s he?
Boyfriend:  That’s a banker.  He’s not important.
Me:  No, the other guy.  Is he the husband?
Boyfriend: It’s George Clooney’s character.
Me:  … Is that the husband?
Boyfriend: What?  No, the husband just died.
Me:  WHAT?!  I thought that was just some random guy!
Boyfriend:  …. well, that’s why everyone was crying.
Me:  Goddamnit.

Which is probably why Boyfriend and I usually only see animated movies now.)  But my point is, identifying tissue types based on pictures is much more likely to fail me out of medical school than identifying metabolic diseases, so maybe this upcoming test just doesn’t hold the significance for me that it does for everyone else.

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