Me in The Pediatric ER


… faced with a waiting room full of “Congestion” “runny nose x 3 days” “fever of 99” “bumps on tongue” “needs stitches removed” “father wants him drug tested” and “sneezed twice and the second time green mucous came out of nose”

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1 thought on “Me in The Pediatric ER

  1. Hah! This is funny for me because where I am, the casualty officers see all cases after-hours first, and only if they are emergencies/requiring admission will they be referred to the paediatric intern/registrar on call. Anyone non-urgent and non-dying is given treatment by the casualty officer or referred to our clinic the next day.
    That said, having just completed a four-month stint as the casualty officer, I can attest to the accuracy of your feelings. 😛

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