Last month of general peds as an intern

This is beautiful.

I can answer almost all RN questions in satisfying ways that include a confident explanation of the relevant physiology and discharge criteria.

On D/C day my scripts are signed, my follow-up appointments are made – and when attendings ask questions I get to answer “Yes, I thought so too, so I already called X and scheduled Y as an outpatient” and see said attending nod happily in approval as they make a little tick mark on their sign-out sheet.

Sign-out is quick and painless.

I finally understand that when we talk about ‘correction’ insulin it refers to sliding scale orders and not, in fact, carb correction. This is because the medical world is a goddamn madhouse.

This misnomer is still as dumb as ever, but no longer bothers me to the point where it keeps me up at night.

I emailed my new intern ‘buddy’, who is still currently an M4 and has matched here. She will take my place in July and I will get to finally work legit 80 hour weeks (and not the fake 80 hour weeks I’m currently working where seniors and chiefs keep asking me “WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE” and I have to duck behind a chair and respond “I’M A FIGMENT OF YOUR IMAGINATION finishing up my work. I’m not DOCUMENTING it. Shoo. I’m imaginary“)

My new intern buddy doesn’t know what she’s in for.

She’ll have fun though, I think.

I mean – I have, so far.

It’s been a good year.

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