I am 7.7% done with intern year

I was surprised when I divided 1 by 13 in my calculator: it seemed like the number should be much smaller – 2%, maybe. Or 0%. (It feels more like 0%.)

The fact that it was somewhere between 3-to-infinity times larger than what I expected really tells you a lot about 1) how quickly time flies, and 2) my ability to interpret simple fractions.

(Very reassuring to my future patients, I’m sure.)

Anyway, I start inpatient wards on Monday! So I’ll magically go from being deemed capable to juggle the 2-3 patients I had as a Sub-I, to 7-8 patients as an intern. There is no possible way this can go wrong.

I’m relieved to be done with this outpatient rotation, though. It was fun and I may have learned a lot, but I never really felt like I was on anything other than a typical 4th year rotation (albeit, with an attending who was particularly lax about supervision).

Onwards and upwards.

so it begins

1 thought on “I am 7.7% done with intern year

  1. Best of luck on the wards AP.
    I start my induction/shadow week here in the UK tomorrow, then full speed the week after.
    It should be interesting; they don’t call it the killing season for nothing.

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