Quote of The Day: Oh, Come ON.

Med student: “Hey, Action Potential! Hi! Haha, funny story – I was actually just yelling at you to come over here – but it turned out it wasn’t you I was yelling at, it was actually a 70 year old woman!”

Me: “…”

Co-intern: “That’s not very funny.”

Med student: “No, no – it was! It was really funny!”

Me: “But I don’t want to look 70…”

Med student: “OHHHH, no – no, you don’t!”

Me: “Oh, good. Whew.”

Med student: “It was your hair!”

Me: …..

Med student: “Because you and the old woman had the same haircut!”

Me: …

Med student: “You know, kind of short?”

Co-intern: “Okay, okay, I think she gets it.”

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