Externally Disoriented At Intern Orientation

Guys. I have internet again! I moved into an apartment that is actually a house, and it now officially has internet, because apparently I am now a real-live functioning adult who can set up utilities, owing to my no longer living in a dormitory.

(Or, indeed, in a city where it’s normal to pay a mortgage-level price for a “studio” so cramped that it feels like a dormitory, Metropolis.)

Anyway, I’m in the middle of intern orientation! If you haven’t been through it yet, just know that it’s a hilarious two week period where you spend your days searching your files for archaic paperwork (do you know where your birth certificate is? Did you screenshot your USMLE scores? What’s your rubella titer?) and spend your nights trying not to think about the absurd totality of your medical ignorance.

On the bright side, you get an ID badge that says “Your Name, M.D.” (which almost makes up for the terrible photo). And a parking space! And a lab coat that no longer hits you at the most awkward and unflattering angle possible!

Great things are afoot, internet.

Anyway, I have a longer blog entry about post-graduation depression that I want to post later, but right now I’m actually feeling pretty good. I’ve met the rest of my intern class and have determined that there’s probably enough other loveable weirdos to make me feel at home – which is all that really matters… right?

Here’s hoping.

4 thoughts on “Externally Disoriented At Intern Orientation

  1. Axon Potential, your writing is super lovely. I’m jealous of how US doctors get to wear lab coats whereas here in Australia they don’t care if your smart casual wear is subjected to human fluids. Thank you again for your inspiring post. When the day comes that you stop this blog, I’ll copy and paste all of your blogs onto a word document and print 2 a side, double sided, and just read through it like a novel.

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