I Matched! I Have A Job! Someone Will Pay Me Real Money!

Unfortunately I can’t outright tell you the specialty (sorry, everyone who’s asked!), because it’s just so small: there are only double-digit numbers of us, and I haven’t yet decided just how reckless I want to be with my internet pseudonymity.

But I can tell you that so far the Frequently Asked Questions include “Wait, that’s a specialty?”, “You can DO that?”, and “Isn’t that a fellowship? How did you match straight into a fellowship?” – so, you know, that’s fun. (Anyone super emotionally invested in my story can probably detective it out from there, but if you’re that invested, you deserve it.)

But – right, the important thing! I matched at my #2 program. And yes, as nice as it would have been to say “I matched at my #1 program”, the program I did match into has a much, much more recognizable / prestigious name – so, somewhat bizarrely, I think I’ve gotten way more sincere congratulations and impressed reactions from my friends than I would’ve the other way around.

(There is a tiny, possibly evil, part of me that enjoys that. It all works out, I guess.)

But – real talk: I’m going to miss med school. If you’re still a student, I have only one piece of advice for you:

Enjoy every irritating, terrifying, face-palmingly-stupid minute. 

God knows, I did.

12 thoughts on “I Matched! I Have A Job! Someone Will Pay Me Real Money!

  1. Haha. Fantastic! I’m going to detective this out because it sounds cool (and we probably don’t even have it in South Africa, so it will be fun to know). Such big congratulations to you!
    I am NOT going to miss med school. Not even a little bit. I am looking forward to getting paid real money for doing what I do every day in med school anyways. And looking forward to not having looming exams giving me anxiety. Et ceteraaaah, et ceteraaaaaah 😛

    As for Internet Pseudonymity: yeeeeah. I’m thinking I need to start being a little more anonymous too.

  2. I’ve loved reading your blog and I’m so proud of you/excited for you!

    But please, tell me you’ll keep this blog up even if you’re too super busy to regularly update it; I use your reference links (anatomy, etc) quite a bit because they’re awesome.

    May you find happiness and intrinsic joy in your (well-deserved) new role! You will be an amazing doctor!!!

  3. Congratulations!!!

    You’re going to knock ’em dead. Well, not really dead, that would be bad as a doctor, but maybe speechless would be okay?

  4. You and I are doing it at the same time. But I am going to know where I match at in 2 weeks, and start earning real money in 1 month.
    Exciting yet terrifying.


  5. Congratulations! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog over the years and wish you all the best in your journey going forward! I’m looking forward to being in your shoes in a year, but for now I’ll heed your advice and (continue) to enjoy every minute of it.

  6. Congratulations! I have suspicions of what you’re going into (you’ve certainly left breadcrumbs), and I think I’m good friends with someone graduating out of one of the few programs you might have gone to. = ) Enjoy your last few months, and good luck, [soon-to-be] Dr. AP!

    • I can pretty much 100% guarantee that your suspicions are correct, haha. I feel there is only one specialty fitting the bill that I’ve left breadcrumbs for! Thanks so much!! 😀

  7. Congratulations! I’ve clicked with so much you’ve said over the past few years; it’s crazy to think we’ve actually made it through!! Onwards to the next crazy step!

  8. I’m new here but I just spent the entire day yesterday reading your blog, instead of studying for the MCAT! But I guess it doesn’t count as procrastination because it was errrhm educational and motivational? haha! I think I also might have figured out your residency (involves two words instead of one? 😉 ). Either way, congratulations and please keep writing!

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