They Should Probably Just Name It “Winter Storm We-Don’t-Think-You-Should-Be-A-Doctor”

THE GOOD NEWS:  I’m now re-scheduled to take Step 1 on Tuesday!

I was going to write an actual post about this – I’m not 100% on this, but I think it was going to go something like, “Tuesday!  It worked out!  The new Prometric’s kind of far away, but worth it!”


Since I’ll have to drive 200 miles to the new testing center, I figured I’d check the weather in Next State Over.

deja vu indeed


… Winter Storm.. Rocky?

Okay – granted, it’s a weird coincidence – but hey, what are the odds this one will ALSO hit the night before my USMLE?



… I see.

But we’re still a few days away – still a chance it won’t happen, right?  I mean, come on, weather channel – are you sure?  Are you CONFIDENT?


1 2


… Honestly, I’m not actually worried.  It’s weather.  It changes.  And moreover, the article goes on to say they have no idea where the blizzard part of the storm will ultimately hit, so it’ll probably be fine.

(Besides, I’ve used up all my anxiety. It turns out you can do that. If worst comes to worst, all the logistics of how I’m going to get to a Prometric Center next month – in a rural location, with clinic every day, and without a car – are quickly going to become Someone Else’s Problem.)

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