White Coats

I used to think it was a little extreme to set your white coat on fire.

But after 11 months of wearing it every day, I’m beginning to think that not only is burning it a fine idea, but that nuking it from space may in fact be more hygienic.  I totally get what those graduating 4th years were doing with the matches on the roof now.

Seriously, when I washed my white coats today, I tried twice unsuccessfully before realizing I needed to use half a bottle of bleach (bravely ignoring all manufacturer’s directions!) to even begin to scrub out the pen stains, coffee stains, and accidental foundation-on-the-collar incidents.

I was trying to wash my white coats because yesterday I did a psychiatric intake interview while wearing a white cardigan, and the nurse assumed I was just a family member with a clipboard.

… She had a point.

Anyway, I’ve begun to sneak out of the dark blue funk of med school burnout that I’ve been in.  I felt like I almost actually did something good for that psychiatric patient. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

… I don’t usually feel like I do something good for psychiatry patients.

Then last night my neurology preceptor took me and another student out for a few rounds of beer.  We talked about med school, residency, and the future in general.

Tonight, if you’re interviewing for a med school program that encourages interviewees to have a beer with current students, you should definitely show up.  I’ll be there.

It’ll be the best.


5 thoughts on “White Coats

      • Yeah. If Oxyclean Free can’t make them white, they were never white to begin with. Extended soak in a 5-gallon bucket or your bathtub before washing will set you up.

  1. Oxy Free does work wonders. For very stubborn stains try Fels Naptha; it’s a bar of soap found in the laundry aisle. Just get the bar wet when you chunk the coat in and scrub it a bit on the stain. Toss it in with oxy free and the stains come right out.

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