But on the bright side, it’s cozy.

One by one, the lights are going out.

It has nothing to do with the hurricane.  It’s just that we’re renting this house, and its lightbulbs are old.  They’re old and in these really fancy fixtures that require a screwdriver to open and a ladder to reach.

And we have neither of those things.

So every time a light goes out in our house, it’s just like “Oh well!  There goes that one!”

Anyway, so now there’s a hurricane outside and no lights are on and I’m creepily sitting by the window typing on a laptop that’s bizarrely functional, and my point is that 21st century life is weird and 21st century 20-somethings are failures.

3 thoughts on “But on the bright side, it’s cozy.

    • Well, if the med student is leaning toward psychiatry then the answer is zero: the light bulb has to *want* to change…

  1. I’d like to know whose idea it was to stick lights way up high in vaulted ceilings so that I have to use a fireman’s ladder to get up there and change them? And why do they go out much faster than bulbs you can reach without a ladder?

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