Potassium Limericks

Based on the premise that it’s easier to memorize rhymes than kidneys.

In hypOkalemia, medics
should first suspect loop diuretics,
steroids used thoughtlessly,
Magnesium paucity,
Or any cause hyperemetic.

Total parental nutrition
or maybe C.A. inhibition!
Villous adenomas
or DKA comas
Or hyper-adrenal conditions.

For excess potassium terror,
It’s renal OR adrenal failure
Succinylcholine, most types of gangrene,
or a digoxin OD (though that’s rarer).

Or SHH syndrome which can be treated
with fludrocortisone taken as needed!
In long-term; kayexalate
But now, Ca+ gluconate
And furosemide here can’t be beat..ed.

(… okay, I know – but hey, I tried. ¬†HUMANITIES IN MEDICINE, folks.)
*drops mic, spreads arms wide, walks out backwards*

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