One foot in 3rd year, one foot in Madness

1.  Remember that time I swore I would never do research again?  That was cute.  Today I had a meeting with the head of our curriculum and tried to convince him to let me integrate a pet project of mine into the curriculum.

2.  “That sounds publishable!  Let’s make it happen.  Here’s a good journal and a deadline for submission.”  … Wait, what?  Am I… why?

3.  WHY DO I HAVE NO STANDARDS.  I’m not very good at the “I don’t like academia” game.

4.  Step 1 Looms Ahead.  I went to a promotional session by Kaplan today – partially because of the free pizza, but mostly because I wanted to see if the Kaplan representatives in Metropolis were better than the Kaplan representatives at Midwestern U.

They were not.

… though, to be fair, I was a Kaplan representative at Midwestern U – so I may be biased.

(I am not.  This representative was genuinely terrible.)

(Also, they recommend taking 4 months to study for Step 1.  WHO DOES THAT?) (I’m looking at 4 weeks, personally.)

(Then again – I’m looking at pediatrics.  Perhaps I shouldn’t judge.)

(Or open any more parenthesis).

7 thoughts on “One foot in 3rd year, one foot in Madness

  1. Agreed. Four weeks is plenty. 20 years from now, you probably won’t remember your step 1 score, but odds are you will remember the time that you spent doing something you loved (like traipsing around Europe) before clinical years started instead of sitting in a library trying top cram all of First Aid into your brain.

  2. 5 weeks was my plan and I was going absolutely stir crazy by the end. Any longer and I think I would have started to forget things and just absolutely hate studying!

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