General Procrastination

And like a champion of sloth, carrying the shiny torch of laziness, I finally crossed the finish line into “actually activating my phone.”

(I’m a card-carrying member of the 20th century now!  Next stop, fax machines!)

This would all be well and grand if I had been done – oh, I don’t know – approximately anything at all during the month it took me to get around to fixing this, but I didn’t.

Yes, my apathy has leveled up to astonishing heights.

On the brighter side, med school’s been pretty good to me this month.  I’m finally getting into the Zen of OB/GYN clinic, reading EKGs and CXRs reasonably adequately, and just overall succeeding at not killing patients.

I feel more and more assured that if the zombie apocalypse comes, I will be reasonably prepared to take care of my band of survivors completely healthy people with no major trauma.


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