What I (Apparently) Learned From Gross Anatomy

Much like every other bit of note-taking I did in first year, I don’t remember writing this. I just found it on my computer while I was trying to reorganize something else.  

Accidental productivity is the best kind of productivity.

– If you get a knife wound, that sucker is definitely going to go through a nerve and leave you with a convenient functional deficit.

– Sensation around the umbilicus is mediated by T10.

– The lesser thoracic splanchnic nerves are not part of the celiac ganglia – common error.  Instead, they synapse in the aorticorenal ganglia and contribute to the renal plexus.  (Suprarenal medulla, however, is still greater thoracic splanchnic).

– If you have an ulcer, it WILL eat a complete hole not just through the appropriate part of your digestive system, but also through the major artery running behind it.  And then you will hemorrhage and die.*

– The Inferior Vena Cava is off-center – it’s on the right side of the abdomen.  Therefore, venous channels on the left side need to have longer venous structures to drain to the IVC.  That’s why the left inferior phrenic vein, left suprarenal vein, and left gonadal vein all drain into the left renal vein, while their right-sided counterparts drain straight into the IVC.

– If they use the words “Ribs 9 through 11” , then (spoiler alert): the spleen exploded.

– The esophagus is crazy intimately related to the posterior part of the pericardial sac.

– If the question stem involves a surgeon, he performed the procedure correctly.  If there’s a resident or intern involved, there’s a 90% chance they killed the patient.

– The ligamentum arteriosum (vestige of ductus arteriosus) is closely related to the L. recurrent laryngeal nerve (because it loops around the aortic arch, and the ligamentum arteriosum connects the aortic arch with the left pulmonary artery.

(Actually, that last one should become an ingrained call-and-response.  “You say ‘ligamentum arteriosum’, I say ‘left recurrent laryngeal nerve!'”  Enjoy shouting it at parties!  PEOPLE LOVE THAT.)

*  … actually, err, this does happen in real life. I re-read it and I was all, “ooh, prescient!”; then I realized my M1 self was almost definitely being sarcastic.  Take that, M1 self!  NOT SO SMART NOW.

6 thoughts on “What I (Apparently) Learned From Gross Anatomy

  1. I love the spoiler alert! Hahaha. I feel like my notes often read like this. “And then it takes the heart, bitch slaps it, and says ‘You pump again, now!'” That’s a direct lecture quote.

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