The Neurologist Explains EEGs To Me

“:Here’s a great example of an EEG.  Let’s work through it together so you can start learning to interpret.

First, we look at the first run.  See, all 10-11 and d4-6 low voltage.  So that’s okay, right?  And here we have some occipital slowing – probably not going to get to show you a vertex sharp wave, but – OH!  A sharp transient!  More on the right, reflected on the left… See?  Might be artifactual, thouigh – you don’t want to overread.

So to localize further, obviously we need to check back to the double banana .  And see how we’ve got a sharpish transient with some 3-4 in the parietal?  Nothing too exciting, clearly.  And here – see, the hypnagogic hypersensitivity – wow – that just comes right out and says “young person going to sleep”, doesn’t it?

That is, of course, unless the patient is still hyperventilating.  I don’t know, could go either way.  What do you think?”


3 thoughts on “The Neurologist Explains EEGs To Me

    • Nah, it was my fault. I expressed an interest in learning, and then he started in on what sounded to me like Lesson 12 of Advanced EEGs.

      … I was hoping for something more like, “here’s where the electrodes go!”, I guess.

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