Guys. I just assembled a super-cool file cabinet cart.  (And yes, I know the “super-cool” part is redundant.  It’s a file cabinet cart.  IT HAS WHEELS.  C’mon.)

It just screams “cool”.

… Actually, I’m not entirely sure why it has wheels.

I suppose it’s because at some point in the future, my roommates will have a disagreement about something in the medical literature.  And I’ll be all, “Be right back,” and then wheel in a super-cool file cabinet and hand them the original article and solve all the problems ever.


There is no way this can fail.

(But seriously, I sorted all of my piles of review articles and old journals into it, color-coded that shit, and parked it beside my desk.  BAM.  Productivity.)

2 thoughts on “Socially-Awkward-Mobile

  1. I’ve gone digital with all my articles and journal since clerkship and it’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’ve found it harder and harder to keep physical files organized especially when medical literature expands so rapidly.

  2. That looks incredibly handy. And colorful. I’m a pack rat and have a huge stack of papers in a corner (dating from nursing school to med school) that I don’t have the energy to go through or organize. I will probably just burn them all when it gets overwhelming.

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