Hi, Internet

This is me informing you that I’m about to disappear into a black hole because my school has scheduled me for Nightmare Week.

… Two 16-hour days, two 14-hour days, and one day where I actually have to scrub in on a 9-hour surgery.

But it’s okay.  I don’t need fun.  Or friends.  Or summer.

That’s right.  I’m putting on my I Have A Good Attitude face about this, and by the grace of all that is vasovagal, I hopefully will – at the very least – not pass out.

Also, a classmate and I may have gotten into a drunken disagreement about how likely it is that I’m a good cook – based ONLY on the technicality that I have not, in the entire 2 years of med school so far, cooked a single thing more complicated than Easy Mac.

So for our Memorial Day BBQ, I’m currently cooking black bean burgers, roasted applesauce, homemade BBQ sauce, lemony roasted potatoes, and Boston baked beans from scratch to prove my point that I’m just lazy – I can totally cook!

… because this is what sane people do.

There is no way this can go wrong.

Gotta go babysit the BBQ sauce.  Have a great Memorial Day, everyone!

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