Official Anthem of Outpatient Medicine


Me:  *searches far and wide for new preceptor*  

Nurse:  *eyes me suspiciously*

Me:  Excuse me, is Dr. Preceptor is around?

Nurse:  Oh no.  His first patient cancelled, so clinic hasn’t started yet.

Me:  Okay, thanks – I’ll just wait for him, then.


Me: … Er, excuse me – is Dr. Preceptor in yet, or –

Nurse:  NOPE.

Me: … kay.


Me: … I’ll just be.. in here.  The room behind the nurse’s station.  Studying.  You know, if Dr. Preceptor shows up?

Nurse:  Okay.


Dr. McOtherguy:  Hey!  Where’s Dr. Preceptor?

Nurse:  Oh, he’s in an emergency surgery, so I cancelled his clinic.

Me: …

… And then I decided that we medical students – as a group – need an  Official Anthem of Outpatient Medicine, and it is this:

3 thoughts on “Official Anthem of Outpatient Medicine

  1. Remember posts like this – you will find that critical tipping point somewhere in clerkship where this goes from AWFUL WORST THING EVER to HOORAY A DAY OFF.

    That day is the day you are truly done your training.

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