Not A Fashionable Med Student

Today I felt too lazy to put together a legitimate outfit or shave, so I just threw on a black dress and black stockings.  And a pendant necklace.  Also, my hair’s out of control, per usual.

Then I looked in the mirror and saw this:

At first I thought I’d have to spend a few minutes finding another dress, or a less Celtic-looking necklace, or maybe even washing my hair again.

But then I realized:  I’m on psychiatry right now.


7 thoughts on “Not A Fashionable Med Student

  1. haha, this reminds me of one day at my first hospital. i am a (neuro)psychologist, and mid-session with a patient i realized that i was wearing my t-shirt with a picture of the mad hatter on it. i spent the whole day hoping that my patients would not make the connection :D.

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