Overheard in Med School: OB/GYN edition

“You know why I’m glad the OB/GYN shelf is over?”


“Because I NEVER AGAIN have to look at that godawful woman on the cover of our OB/GYN book.”

“Wait, what’s so bad about the woman on the cover?”

Everything’s wrong with her.”

“Like what?”

“Well, first, what’s she doing wearing that mask under her nose?  I mean, the thing has to actually cover your face – it doesn’t work by magic.  And the fact that she’s wearing a mask and cap at all – just to do an ultrasound – makes me think she’s an idiot, and the fact that she’s trying to use it without any gel just confirms it.  Hell, even if she was doing something else, when would you ever wear a mask and cap without gloves?  THAT NEVER HAPPENS.  Also, you can totally see that under that mask SHE HAS NO CHIN, and that weirds me out, man.


It weirds me out.

2 thoughts on “Overheard in Med School: OB/GYN edition

  1. She’s got some weird body language going on….there is something about positioning of her neck that makes it look like she’s a bit repulsed by what she’s doing. That may just be the odd placement of her mask though…or it could just be me.

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