Wednesday Catch-Up

1.  Am I Too Late To Link This Genius?

Has every other med school blog already told you to watch it?  Have you all already seen it on Facebook?  If so, you should watch it again – because let’s be honest, it’s totally worth it.  

Damn you, Wash U Class of 2014, being all funny and industrious while I’m just sitting here, eating cheetos.

2.  OB/GYN is like skydiving.

It was an exhilarating experience, and I’m glad I did it… once.  And, sure – there are people out there who skydive once, love it, and happily enroll in Skydiver Instructor School (which is totally a thing that I didn’t just make up, I’m pretty sure) and make it their life.

… but I’m not that skydiver.  I’m the skydiver who hits the ground all “WHAT A RUSH!  … let’s never do it again.”  

I don’t know how to explain why without getting into too much detail.  It might just be simplest to say that watching a gynecologic surgery will never get past my brain’s alarm system.  The “knife-to-skin” moment is terrifying and visceral.

3.    You Do Not Want To Work For This Crazy Eye Surgeon

Yeah, the Craigslist ad makes the job look like a death-trap.  But I think the article was remiss in not mentioning his especially unique website.

I don’t want to outright claim it’s a good example of a certain Axis II psychiatric disorder, but… it… I can’t.. Argh.

I’m just gonna leave this link here:

You’re welcome.


10 thoughts on “Wednesday Catch-Up

  1. Hahaha that video is AWESOME. Reminds me so much of first and second year… Oh wait, 3rd and 4th year also have lectures, and they’re exactly the same way!

  2. Way done at the bottom of Dr. Chynn’s site, the “Personal Information” photos. Is that his dog’s Confirmation or something? Why are they in church with a minister?

  3. That website is some kind of awesome. My favorite line, and there were many to choose from, was that he “played tennis next to Anna Kournikova…”. I was one a plane once and sat in coach, and Robert Redford sat in first class. Never thought about putting it on my CV before!

    love your blog.

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