A Day on Gynecologic Surgery


Usually for no discernible reason, because the uterus is a pear-shaped bundle of nothing but capillaries and spite.


16 thoughts on “A Day on Gynecologic Surgery

  1. Did you get over your fear of passing out with blood related activities? More importantly, did you ever really have a fear of blood? ( Sometimes, I start to get all the medical student blogs confused when I haven’t slept)

  2. just wait till your first OB hemorrhage. aint nothin till you’ve transfused your patient with more than twice their circulating volume and they’re still bleedin … at my hospital they announce them overhead and it gives me the chills every time I hear it, worse than the codes …

  3. I will definitely be stealing that quote for a number of years (with proper attribution, of course).

    And to echo ThirstyScholar’s comments above – there is a very delicate balance of how much the ladybits are allowed to bleed, and anything more or less is utter catastrophe (hence, my early realization that OB/GYN was not for me).

  4. Hahaha I cannot begin to share how funny I found this, I’m going to show this to everyone I know in medicine. You have a way with words, and I’m jealous. But not of your OB/GYN rotation. Enjoy those pear-shaped bundles of spite!

  5. I feel like, if I had been drinking milk while reading this post, it would have come out my nose when I got to “pear shaped bundles of capillaries and spite.”

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