Pictures of Me on My First Day of Neurology

When My Preceptor Gave Me 4 Hours to Do An H&P On A Stroke Patient:

Actually Doing The History & Physical:

When Trying to Figure Out the Neuroanatomy of a Lesion that causes Vertical Diplopia and Nystagmus with Maybe Some Weird Disconjugate Gaze Shit As Well, And God Only Knows If I Actually Assessed Any of The Visual Field Correctly:

When My Preceptor Asks Me To Present My Findings:

And When He Asks For My Plan:

(Here’s to tomorrow, when I will bring a very thick neurology book and MY GAME FACE.


9 thoughts on “Pictures of Me on My First Day of Neurology

    • I totally spent 3 of those 4 hours trying to justify localizing the lesion to a specific branch. I was panicking to find the right textbooks to re-memorize the arterial supply of the MLF and the PPRF

      Turned out my preceptor was looking for “posterior circulation” vs. “anterior circulation” with a side of “cortical” vs “sub-cortical”.

      … I felt silly.

  1. Scary. I’m doing neuro – my last rotation of med school EVER – in March. I’m going to look SO stupid, and care SO little (I’ll be matched by then!), that I’m sure I’m going to be the dumbest member of the team. Oh well :/

    • I can’t wait! Neuro is super cool. I just wish it liked me as much as I liked it… :(tried to rememorize horizontal and vertical saccade pathways this morning and I nearly hung myself. But I like the idea of being the kind of person who knows these things. CONFLICT.)

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