Saturday Round-up

Good morning, world!

1.  Drinking From The Firehouse – Are you following this blog?  You are probably not yet following this blog.  You should follow this blog.

(3rd year medical student at University Medical School.  Check out his/her post on Clinical Medicine Rules – it’s gold.)

2.  Would you like to bake an egg in an avacado?

3.  I may be in “slight-to-moderate” trouble.  I like to walk the fine-line between “doing as little busy work as possible” and “not getting kicked out of school”, so I only realized yesterday that the “2 required formal write-ups, corrected by your preceptor, then turned into Metropolis Med” were actually for-real required, instead of just.. you know, suggestions.

(I’ve been through 18 years of formal schooling.  That’s 17 more years than it takes to learn to differentiate “work that will be checked up on and/or useful” from “work no one actually care about”.  This is news to me.)

… It’s gonna be news to my preceptor, too.

Maybe I can just have him wave a red pen around in the general direction of some computer paper.

4.  I’m gonna go to work now.  That lecture on hemolytic anemia isn’t gonna present itself.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Round-up

  1. Hmmm…I can’t tell whether the egg in an avocado is a fabulous or a horrendous idea. I’m inclined to try it…but avocados here are ridiculously expensive, so not sure whether I want to invest the money or not.

  2. That egg and avocado actually looks delicious. But idk, chances are pretty good it will not look like that or taste as good as it sounds when I make it….so do I still try? Tough decisions.

  3. Fun tidbit. Onions can give dogs hemolytic anemia. We dealt with that after my greyhound enthusiastically devoured the vegetables I had used to make broth and then put in the trash. 2 whole onions (along with all the leeks & garlic & related whatnot). Giant vet bill.

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