Questions Better Left Unasked

Attending:  Does anyone know why we call this Legionnaire’s disease?

Residents: … No.  Why?

Attending:  In 1976, there was a meeting of the American Legion in a Phildadelphia hotel, and everyone contracted a mystery illness.  The CDC got involved, they found a brand new gram negative bacteria in the hotel’s air filtering system, and called it “Legionnaire’s disease”.

Resident:  Ah, very interesting.

Attending:  How about Nystatin?  Anyone know how Nystatin got its name?

Residents:  Er, no.  Why?

Attending:  It was discovered in upstate New York!  N-y!  Nystatin.  Boy, you’re all learning a lot today!

Residents:  *murmurs of agreement*

Attending:  Now that you know that, you should be able to figure out how Coxsackie virus was named!  Anyone know how Coxsackie got it’s name?

Residents:  ….

Foreign Resident:  It was found in… cock.. sack?

Ten minutes of silence.

A pin drops.

Yes, I think we all learned a lot today.

7 thoughts on “Questions Better Left Unasked

  1. And Premarin is named for PREgnant MARe urINe, because that is where it used to be isolated from; and Lasix means the effect LAsts SIX hours… etc etc

    And quite frankly the residents should have known Legionella because every Micro course brings that up.

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