Switching Rotations from Surgery to Internal Medicine: An Analogy

Every time I drag myself to a shoe store, I always find myself looking longingly at a stylish, moderately-priced pair that is inevitably just a little too tight at the heel.  And I’ll think to myself, “Self, these shoes are 9s.  You are a 9.  Probably the heel tightness isn’t even noticeable after you’ve broken them in!  They’re only $20!

But the 2nd or 3rd time I try them on, I’ll finally acknowledge that wearing them all day would lead to a lot of ankle bleeding.  And no one likes a bleeding ankle.

So I’ll grudgingly step into a pair of boring looking shoes and oh my god my feet are floating happily on clouds and I will end up wearing no other shoes for at least 6 months no matter what the occasion.

(I understand the diseases and get to explain them to patients!  My input is valued and sought out! The call room has a scanner!)

4 thoughts on “Switching Rotations from Surgery to Internal Medicine: An Analogy

  1. so there’s validity to the idea of placing surgery at the start of your rotations? and you mean there’s actually a time in medical school when you can actually feel *competent*? how novel! =)

  2. I personally would be more impressed if the call room had a coffee machine but a scanner is better than nothing 😛 Glad you’re enjoying your internal medicine rotation! Was surgery as grueling as most people say?

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