What You Should Read This Week

I waste enough time on the internet that I should get something out of it.  I’m thinking I’ll start a feature where I list the awesome links I find each week so you guys can ignore them.  Or bookmark them, and pretend you read them!  And then have fun and glamorous conversations about them at holiday cocktail parties!

Paradocs Blog: The (Dis)Organization of Med School:  This is a must-read if you’re currently applying to med school.  I think there’s a moment where we all think “med school” = “going to be a doctor”, so “med school + other mandatory classes” = “going to be a BETTER doctor”.

… when really, it just as likely means “going to be a doctor who doesn’t necessarily know what an ‘agonist’ is.” (And, side note!  If you’re even considering a school that requires mandatory volunteer work, I want you to take a good long think about 1) oxymorons, and 2) the differences between this med school and jail.)

PhD Comics:  The Claus Hypothesis:  Well, I laughed.

Thought Broadcast:  Is The Criticism Of The DSM-5 Misguided?:  The best post I’ve read so far about the controversy over the DSM-5.

The Best Research Paper Abstract Ever:  If you could get away with this in medicine, maybe I’d be more interested in research.

And now I should get back to studying for tomorrow’s Rheumatology final: a plan which, at some point, probably involves me no longer lying in bed.  GOD MY LIFE IS HARD.

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