Thoughts of the day

1.  What is it with joints that make immune complexes want to live there so badly?  Is it the enclosed space?  If so, don’t they have the perfectly thermodynamically viable option of leaving via vein or lymphatics?

I mean, they can’t be bound to cell surfaces, because it’s type III hypersensitivity.  How the hell do they not get sucked out?  It’s some kind of crazy immunological wizardry.

2.  Holiday parties have made me realize a very important scientific fact:  There is no such thing as a safe dose of creme de menthe.

 “That’s… an interesting theory, AP.” – everyone in the world, last night.

3.  What’s the best way to explain Rheumatology?  I’m torn between “Any joint disease except for those that result from acute trauma” and “Autoimmune diseases which just happen to mostly involve joints because autoimmune complexes are stupid and like to get stuck in joint spaces, despite the fact that there are many smaller capillary beds in the body.”

4.  Okay, yes, I have sort of a one-track mind.  Especially about this immune-complex-joint thing.

5.  But don’t worry, I have several interesting theories about it!  I’ll tell you all about them over some hot chocolate and creme de menthe if you’d like.

6.  You wouldn’t.  

(But if you have an interesting theory about it – or actually know the answer – you should definitely tell me!)

2 thoughts on “Thoughts of the day

  1. Well…. most autoimmune diseases don’t just go to the joints. They go to all sorts of other organs and blood vessels as well. Even RA. It’s just you can’t FEEL those other organs, but you can feel joint pain, so it’s the joint pain that the patient reports.

    That’s my explanation and I’m sticking to it!

  2. I have RA and am a non-trad pre-med. I don’t have any problems in any other organs, but oldmdgirl is right, when there is joint pain, you definitely feel it! Luckily mine is under control and I am pretty much asymptomatic. My rheumatologist is awesome!

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