Good lord, I actually stuck my partner’s vein on the first try.  Nearly fainted from shock.

(Honestly, I’m uncomfortable with the amount of success I had last week.  It feels like the first 20 minutes of a horror movie: sure, there’s a chance nothing bad has happened because you got the genre wrong, and it’s actually a feel-good film about the Robinson family’s camping trip.  But more likely – the longer the happy part lasts, the more gruesome it will be when half the family is pulverized by sentient lawnmowers.)

Speaking of gruesome (transition clauses!  Oh, if my 7th grade English teacher could see me now!) , we’re in the midst of a barrage of Transition to 3rd Year events, where we get called into the auditorium every other day to be told pearls like what to do if you’re sick (go to work anyway), how to look up clinical information (apparently there’s a magic thing called “using The Google”), and what to do if you’re being harassed or bullied by a surgeon.

(I don’t remember the answer to that last one.  Except that it was lame.  I Am Not House‘s suggestions were better.)

My Reaction When Last Year’s M2 Class Was Going Through This:



My Reaction Now That I Am Going Through This:


Three weeks!  Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Phlebotomized

  1. Up to Date is way better than Google. It also has citations so you can bring in the paper and look especially fancy to the attending who is grading you.

    Hmmmm…. I was never bullied by a surgeon. ObGyns yes, but surgeons no.

  2. Haha this is so true. (Except that a drunken monkey could get my partner’s veins the first go, but he won’t let me try. He’d be far from my first stick, too!)

    I’ve got a few weeks of holidays before I start facing down third year, but true to (very nerdy) form, I’m sitting here writing a list of things I need to revise and pondering study plans for next year. I think I’ve forgotten how to relax! *headdesk*

  3. If you have a smartphone, I also strongly suggest downloading Epocrates and Medscape. Highly worth your time.

    As for the bullying, just say “yes sir, whatever you say sir” and then remember that this is a person who is getting their jollies by beating up on a subordinate and thus clearly has a small penis.

    • Or a really big vagina.

      I’d advise learning to repeat the following phrase with a straight face, “Thank you so much for taking the time to give me this feedback. I will try hard to do better in the future.”

      You probably won’t need it often, but it definitely comes in handy when you do.

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