Live-Blogging The Night Before The Neuro Test

Note: This is why I over-study the week before a test.  Because the day before a test always goes like this for me, and despite knowing that, I still always seem to try to make the most of it…

9am:  Did a truck just hit me in the face?  Is this what morning is supposed to feel like? Ugh. No problem, I’ll just get up, grab some coffee, buckle down and…. OH SWEET LORD, IT’S RAINING.  Back to bed.

10:00  “So that’s.. a triple grande salted caramel mocha with no whip?”  “Right. No whip.” “… Hmm.”  <– the Starbucks barrista is judging me.

1:20:  Hold up, why would paired stimulation of climbing fibers and parallel fibers leads to LTD of parallel fibers?  Because.. dude, climbing fibers ACTIVATE parallel fibers, so aren’t they ALWAYS paired?

… I don’t.. I can’t.. ugh.

3:30:  This is worthless.  Am I even learning anything by rewatching these lectures, or am I just scaring myself?

3:45:  Let’s play the “what percentage do I need to pass?” game!  I owned the first test, so maybe I’m worrying about nothing.

3:46:  Aaand the first test was only worth 23% of our final grade.  There is no god.

5:30pm:  Study group meeting!  Lots of productivity.  Lots of productivity regarding lectures that I quite frankly forgot we even had.  Um.

5:31pm: … Nobody wants to have a one-minute dance party.

6:30:  Gonna start studying at 7pm.

7:03:  Missed it… 8pm it is.


10:45:  Oh, I give up.  Good night. TO BED, AND A BRIGHTER TOMORROW.

6 thoughts on “Live-Blogging The Night Before The Neuro Test

  1. LOL!!! I’m with you on the ‘rain?! back to bed’ deal. Except I ever quite make it out of bed. I’ll throw open the covers halfway, realize how freakin’ cold it is, pull my covers back up so it’s warm and toasty, and go back to sweet, sweet sleep.

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