I love neuro.  I even find neuroanatomy to be fun – though, granted, only in a very abusive-relationship way.  (“It only hurts me because I’m just not smart enough for it!  I just have to try harder!”  “What?  This bruise?  I just.. walked into a wall.”)

(My bruise actually is from walking into a wall.)

Strangely enough, no one in my study group wants to hear about this.

Also:  Internet, today I got over 800 pageviews from clicking on a facebook link. And because I have no life, I did some division and realized it was roughly 200 people.  (I know.  Heavy-weight math, right there.  Had to get out a very serious-looking calculator to crunch those numbers.)

As awesome as that is, it’s also making me insanely curious: What the heck was the context?  I couldn’t make 200 of my friends visit a single site even if I typed “Click this link, get a free beer”

… and I don’t have 200 beers, internet.

… though I do have a Bud Lite.  We could split it 201 ways.

(I realize it sounds difficult, but I still have that very serious-looking calculator.)

4 thoughts on “Bizarre

  1. I’m always a bit amazed at the things that lead people to my blog. Recently I had a number of hits from searches for “International Brainstem Day” simply because I had a link to your post on my blog. People are interesting!

  2. Your blog was posted on the Facebook group page of the incoming class of my school. That may account for a bit of the traffic. Great blog!

  3. People found my blog from searching “this year and” and “if you want to make god laugh tell him your plans means”… I’m really not sure what they were looking for. But the above comment definitely explains your crazy amount of hits!

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