Little town, full of little people, waking up to say…

Every morning I wake up and walk a few blocks to grab some coffee.  And lately, without fail, I’ve been doing it with “Little Town” from Beauty and The Beast stuck in my head.

“There goes the baker with his tray, like always!  The same old bread and rolls to sell.. every morning just the same, since the morning that I came, to this poor provincial town…”

Except, Metropolis isn’t a “poor, provincial town”.  And no one ever says “Bounjour!” to me. And the librarian certainly never says “Robbin’s?!  But you’ve READ it twice!  Well, if you like it that much, it’s yours.”

Which is, you know, disappointing.

I’m really just waiting for someone to write Med School: The Musical.  Also, I think it could be really fantastic – people love Grey’s Anatomy, people love musicals, people loved Legally Blonde.  Why is this not yet a thing?

17 thoughts on “Little town, full of little people, waking up to say…

  1. Just cracked up in the middle of the library over “Robbins…you’ve read it twice!”

    Back to First Aid…’every morning just the same…’

  2. i would max out my med school loans to help produce such a show. that is amazing. the misery of a med student would be much improved if the world were to spontaneously burst into song every once in a while. = )

    “but you’ve read it twice!”

  3. Everything is better when it’s a musical! Even med school. Sometimes I imagine my life as a musical, and it always makes me laugh out loud (and look a little crazy). Just imagine your histology prof striking a tune and having sequential rows of classmates jump up from their seats to ballroom dance to the magical melodies of cartilage types I, II, and even III! Hahaha

  4. Hi AP,

    Started reading your blog (from the beginning) a week ago at work and finished it today, either I’m unproductive or my job is they type that may soon be replaced by computers. (Answer: C. all of the above.) Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much I love it.

    Also, if, during your medical school sojourn, you happen to meet up with anyone who didn’t do so hot in sciences during undergrad, but made it into a post bacc program and then med school, it would really help my moral if you’d mention that these people do exist.

    Anyway, keep up the good work and good luck during your second year!

    • This comment made my day! Thank you!

      I do know someone who fits that description – she couldn’t ever find physics or chemistry interesting enough to get good grades, and she only did okay in upper-level bio classes. Really hated biochem, cell bio, etc. Didn’t do that well on the MCAT, either.

      I guess she just couldn’t make herself be interested in things that weren’t specifically MEDICAL science, because she then proceeded to absolutely OWN the osteopathic med school she attended. (But she’s always found the human body fascinating, so it was basically a surprise to everyone except for herself.)

      Got into a competitive residency, currently one of the most-loved residents in that program.

  5. The idea of medicine and a musical wrapped in one sounds like a good idea, but it failed miserably when Grey’s Anatomy did it. I’ve yet to find anyone who enjoyed that episode (including myself, despite my love of all things Grey’s).

    As for Dr. Grumpy’s comment….I loved Gross Anatomy (the movie)! Admittedly I was 12 when it came out, so I may have had lower standards than he did…but still. Loved!

  6. I started to write a med school musical, and got a rough plot and 2 songs done. Then I had to take the pathology shelf exam and it all went to hell.

  7. AP, are you secretly me? Sometimes I wonder…especially when I’m wandering the hospital on overnight call, I find myself singing my own little soundtrack. I think “Med School the Musical” would be awesome, and I love all the parodies on youtube taking real songs and making them all med-school-y (ie: “99 problems till the first year’s done,” which I tried SO HARD to get my med school band to play; my fellow members were apparently too cool for that). I also loved the Grey’s Anatomy musical episode; cheesy, yes, but Sara Ramirez was amazing.

    Also, to Dan above — we have several upper 30 year olds in our program, and one of my favorite classmates in med school started when she was 41. It’s not easy (ever, really), but it can be done!!

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