Coaching the med school softball team

… is not exactly what I’ve been doing with my free time, but if I said what I was actually coaching, it would identify my school. (Also, isn’t softball super cool?  I always liked softball.  Let’s pretend I’m coaching softball.)

I love our team and am super excited about our season, but try-outs were a little intense this year.  They dominated my week.  I’m not sure anyone ever saw me doing anything except rushing across fields, classrooms, and generally looking preoccupied, carrying arm-fulls of checklists.

It was to the point where one could actually have been fooled into thinking I had a busy schedule, and those of you who regularly read this blog are aware that that’s not usually a true fact.  (Pro tip:  that’s never the case when you update your blog 4 times a week.)


Now I can turn my attention from “crushing people’s dreams of playing 1st base” and “feeling guilty about crushing people’s dreams of playing 1st base” to things like “neuroanatomy”, which is apparently a thing that I am supposed to know.

The thing about neuroanatomy is that I’ve actually taken it before.  Boyfriend and I met in our undergrad’s brain dissection lab.  So you’d think, having already learned this stuff once, I’d know things, but trust me – it does not help.

(… Well, unless you count astute moments like, “*nudge* Psst.  Rostrum means ‘nose’.” to be helpful.  But if so, I can tell you right now that the people I sit next to do not seem to agree.)

Their loss.  Rostrum’s a pretty neat word.

3 thoughts on “Coaching the med school softball team

    • Ha! I really would, but our dean just sent out an e-mail sternly reminding us all that we are obligated to represent our school professionally in public spaces.

      I don’t see how my blog is that unprofessional, but I could definitely see people disagreeing with me. Better safe than sorry!

      (But damn, I wish *I* had thought of Parkour Team! I totally should’ve claimed to be captain of the Parkour team!)

      • “UNPROFESSIONAL”, Huh?
        Pole Dancing Team?
        Semi-Nude Male Dance Team?
        Mud Wrestling Team?
        ‘Gator Wrestling Team?
        Roller Derby Team? -( but one of those has a lawyer on it so that COULDN’T be it)
        I could go on like this all day…..

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