You can’t go home again

My hometown is so under-construction that I’m afraid to even venture outside.  It’s like there was a national TV ad out there: “Got Spare Orange Cones?  Take them to AP’s Hometown: Home of the Orange Cones!  We’ll set ’em up on our streets and pretend like we’re doin’ something productive!

Clearly still figuring out the camera feature.. sad.

This would be a great place to play the "Finding Nemo" variant of "Where's Waldo".

But today I braved the rat-maze and successfully made it to the cell phone store, where I finally ditched my non-intelligent phone for an allegedly smart one.

I feel strangely guilty about getting rid of a phone that spent 5 years faithfully by my side (Must be Toy Story syndrome) – but it’s cool.  My new phone and I are already bonding over friendly topics such as: “How the hell do you turn this thing on?”, “Am I just an idiot? Is that the problem?  Am I just completely incompetent at life?”, and “OH!  There’s a tiny button!  Hidden on the side!”

Once I made it through that confusion (Internet, I am not even telling you how long it took me.  It’s embarrassing), I started figuring things out.  For instance – guys, did you know how many unbelievable medical apps there are out there?  My favorite is one from the US Department of Health.

It’s amazing how quickly I went from, “I need a smart phone for the clinical years” to “Wait, how the hell is this even allowed for the clinical years?  Will I have to hide it?”

Feels suspiciously like cheating.

In other news, my 2nd year at Metropolis Med starts in just 1 week, so anyone who’s wondering why the hell they’re still subscribing to a blog that’s apparently no longer about medicine – just hold on!  I’ll be back to lamenting my total lack of clinical skills in no time at all.  Pinky-swear.

4 thoughts on “You can’t go home again

  1. Before long, you will be deepening your bond with meaningful activities like “Come on yellow bird! crush that piggy!!!!” and “What do you mean you missed, stupid egg-laying bird?!”

  2. the medscape app saves my life on a daily basis and prevents me from looking like an idiot. I wish I’d known there was an iphone version of surgical recall before I bought the book… the book is key, but I only have 4 weeks of surgery left

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