To the airport!

I’m flying home for the last 2 weeks of summer vacation.  Unfortunately, my hometown isn’t small enough to be one of those places where everyone sticks around after high school, or large enough for at least some people to stay just via pure statistics.  In my town, we all get the hell out of Dodge on graduation day.

So.. for the 9 hours a day my family is off doing things like “contributing to society”, it’ll just be me hanging out with books and a computer.  All alone.  (Wait, what’s that music?)

But the important thing is that I get to see my family.  Also, the dentist.  And the optometrist.  And a hair-cut… person.  (Hey, guess who has two thumbs, spent 1 year in a new city, but never made a single responsible appointment?  THIS CHICK.)

Finally, I have to get a “smart phone” because it’s apparently important for clinical rotations or something, and my current phone is more like “borderline mentally challenged”.  (Although, it can text.  … sort of.  There’s a 50 character limit, and you have to shake it.)

I feel bad about getting a new phone.  My current one may be old and dumb, but it’s never failed me on reception.  In fact, I’ve been informed that since my current provider is ridiculously small and unheard-of, they’re just stealing signals from the nearest cell tower in an incredibly illegal fashion.  All the more reason to feel bad about giving it up.

Alright, off to the airport. I always get worried about missing my flight, so I inevitably overshoot the “better safe than sorry” and get there 4 hours early, and I’m like, “Crap, what the hell do I do now?

The answer is clearly “sit in the airport bar drinking a glass of chardonnay and reading “Case Files: Family Medicine“, mostly because you get very few chances in life to sit down at a bar by yourself and read a book like you’re in a 40’s movie.

It’s pretty much the only upside of airports.

12 thoughts on “To the airport!

  1. Actually, I’m not leaving until this afternoon. (Figured I’d write this now so I could pack my computer and take a nap, then realized that made it seem like I was intending to have a drink at 9am.)

    • There is an option in WordPress that lets you publish a post at a specific date and time, they’ve built it exactly so people with drinking problems don’t have to explain themselves in the comment section (just kidding :D)
      Please ignore my embedding inability and click this link :

      I would be grateful if I “had” to toss my old-dumb-lazy-ugly-slow-forgetful-blurry piece of … engineering. I’m interested in knowing the choice you’ll make; will you go Android (Samsung Galaxy S II in mind “”) or iPhone (Would you settle for an iPhone 4 knowing the new one is around the corner?). Other platforms aren’t really interresting in my opinion since they don’t have all the apps one may need.

      • Oh, definitely Android! Because.. uh, something, something, freedom. I just have this vague recollection that Android lets you play with the operating system more than the iPhone does. (Yep, I’m on top of the smart phone news…)

        Also, my boyfriend does things that I don’t understand involving Androids and programming in his spare time. So I suspect this means he could fix my phone when I inevitably break it.

        And thanks for the heads-up on the wordpress option! Sad thing is, I didn’t have time to grab a drink at the airport bar after all – so I just ended up looking like a morning drinker to the world for no good reason. 😉

  2. I agree: getting rid of a phone that has good reception and works can be incredibly bad karma.

    During the day, why not work on your tan. Or exercise. Or read a lot. I have the same problem when I visit my parents (nobody to hang out with but the dog), and that’s usually what I end up doing. Or I just watch tv all day. HAVE FUN AND GET LOTS OF SLEEP!!!

    • Is no one reading my series of posts right now? If you work on your tan apotential with your “Hello, family history of melanoma”, I will personally track you down and spray sun block in your eyes.

      Just kidding, sorry, OldMDGirl, couldn’t resist. =)

      But no seriously, don’t do it, apotential. I’m watching you like Robert DeNiro watches Ben Stiller. Circle of trust.

      • Yeah, my mom had melanoma 10 years ago so I don’t do that either, I just know a lot of people who do. (I’m looking at YOU Italian in-laws.) I was kind of surprised at the number of my med school classmates who tanned while on vacation between 1st and 2nd year.

        So yeah AP, don’t tan. And while you’re at it, don’t binge drink, overeat, smoke, fail to exercise, not get enough sleep, etc, etc etc. Forget all this “cancer” nonsense. You don’t want to wind up looking like a leather sack.

        • Also, don’t use a cell phone, breathe in any toxins, drink contaminated water, eat anything with aspartame or HFCS, eat too many bananas, put your head next to the microwave, give yourself an extra long Xray or use any type of cocaine, heroin or steroid. Avoid those type of things.

          With the number of things that cause cancer, I’m surprised that reading these posts isn’t contributing somehow….crap, it probably is.

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