Mistakes I have made today

Natalie Dee (www.nataliedee.com) is just gonna spell this one out for me...

1.  The Sandwich Place delivery guy just asked me my name, then saved my phone number.  (I just.. I don’t even know, guys.  I’m gonna file this one under “Signs I order delivery far, far too often“.  Especially since it’s sort of a good idea.  I mean, it will save him some time.)

2.  But that’s not actually enough to guilt me into finding a new sandwich delivery place.  I just can’t.  (This one lets me order via the internet!  The future is now!)

3.  It’s only 2pm, and not only have I gotten coffee twice already – but both times I asked for “coffee” when I really meant, with all my heart, “iced coffee”.

No, I don’t know how I managed to do this twice, either – all I know is that there is no disappointment like waiting excitedly in 80 degree heat for iced coffee, and being handed something hot.  And then realizing it’s your own fault.  (Saddest post-coffee walk home ever.)

4.  Despite how often I watch nerdy documentaries, THIS is what Netflix recommended for me today, based on my “taste preferences”:

ET TU, NETFLIX? Damnit, I d- ooh, is that the new season of Intervention?

5.  Reading a news story about Deep-Fried Kool-Aid Balls led me into an entire morning of mindless internet-ing.  I don’t know how it happened.  I blame links.

6.  Yes, you read #5 correctly.  Deep-Fried Kool-aid Balls: It’s a thing.  I think that’s a mistake that we, as humanity, are going to have to acknowledge, so I’m counting it twice.

It’s been a good day.

13 thoughts on “Mistakes I have made today

  1. All is not lost with the coffee though. You can make it into iced coffee yourself by….. adding ICE!! (and cream and sugar)

    I blame all my embarrassing Netflix recommendations on the stuff my husband watches using my account,

  2. I’m lucky that it’s not hot enough here to have to switch to iced. I don’t need to the caffeine… but oh god, I want the caffeine. And a hot drip has more milligrams. Seriously, I have a problem. Two grande’s a day, when your getting 8 hours of sleep with a relaxed study schedule is too much. Let us know when you figure out that detox program.

    Actually, switching to iced americano’s might be just the thing to lower my intake.

    • So true.

      Detox program so far:
      Step 1: Set coffee maker on floor while cleaning desk. Trip over it, breaking it to pieces.
      Step 2: Do not buy new coffee maker. Feel proud of resisting the urge.
      Step 3: Pay $4 a day for coffee. Pretend like this is an improvement.

      So.. still some kinks to work out… but getting there! I’m pretty sure!

  3. netflix category recommendations are charmingly specific. categories i apparently like (“i” in this case means the movie watcher who is an amalgam of me and that guy who lives with me whom i married once and with whom i share a netflix account): “heartfelt gay and lesbian movies”, “goofy workplace tv comedies”, “cerebral crime thrillers”, “classic emotional movies about marriage”, “dark political documentaries”, “controversial social and cultural documentaries”*, and “understated high school movies”.


    (*this one is just because i love watching stuff about religious nutjobs. but it sounds smart, no?)

  4. I was thinking today of those ads for Kool-Aid where some kids says “I’m hot and thirsty” and another kid yells “Hey! Kool-Aid!” and the giant Kool-Aid guy come bursting through a wall.

    Now I imagine an ad where a guy suddenly yells “I’m having chest pain!” and the giant Kool-Aid guy comes bursting through an artery wall followed by a shower of plaque hardened platelets.

  5. If it makes you feel any better, you are not alone in your Netflix recommendations. Mine has EXACTLY the same list. I already have Intervention, Hoarders, and Obsessed in my queue. When my med school friends have questions about illegal drugs, they turn to me with this “she watches Intervention” smirk on their faces. Well, yes I do. And I know all about the street value of Lortab, thanks.

    • Um, AWESOME!

      Hoarders is the best show ever. It usually makes me feel like cleaning something, too. (Bizarrely, Intervention usually makes me want to drink. Watching that show with the remote in one hand and a beer in the other is probably not the best choice ever, but it’s a fun one.)

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