What? No! (Really? SURELY NOT.)

… again, I ask you:  Really?

Dear readers, I’ve been diagnosed with a bad case of “Laptop Thigh”.  Also known as “Erythema ab igne“.  Also known as “No. This Is Not a Real Thing” and “Seriously, That’s A Thing?  Sir, If This Were Scrabble I’d Challenge The Hell Out of That” Syndrome.

(When informed of the diagnosis, the patient exhibited a positive “For pete’s sake” sign.  Patient was counseled to discontinue use of laptop on lap.  Patient exhibited notable skepticism and verbally indicated the possibility of non-compliance.  Patient is quite possibly stupid.)

The irony is, I only started putting it on my lap because it seemed to be the best way to fix my studying-induced neck problems.

Med school is so bad for your health.

7 thoughts on “What? No! (Really? SURELY NOT.)

  1. First, wow had no idea that was a real thing. Second, that sucks. Have you tried putting your laptop on a monitor stand and using an external keyboard and mouse? As someone that sits in a cube staring at monitors 50+ hours a week that has helped me avoid any of the common injuries. That and muttering “dance my minions, dance!”.

  2. I rest my laptop on my thighs/lap all the time, but when it starts to get hot, I put a book under it. It doesn’t take much to keep the heat away. Something an inch and a half or so thick does the trick. Do you feel the heat from the laptop on your thighs/lap and then just leave it there? For a long time? Not to kick you when you’re down or anything but… Really? SURELY NOT.

  3. For Christmas, we received a lap desk. Never would’ve bought one on our own, but it’s great. I did a quick search online, but can’t find one like ours. This one looks close: http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/941742/SPI-Extended-Surface-Lap-Desk-BlackGray/;jsessionid=0000Hl6y5IoM7Qbz4t4mA9sDUKV:13ddq0u44?cm_cat=2000000020#firstTab

    Aside from keeping heat away from your lap, and makes it much more convenient to work with the laptop. fwiw

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