Endocrinology is such a mixed, random bag of topics: ob/gyn, bones, diabetes, pituitary, thyroid.  (Which makes sense, since ‘Endocrine’ really just means ‘things secreting things that go places and do stuff“.  So this is not a system like cardiovascular is a system.  This is the “lost and found” box of physiology.)

It’s easy to motivate myself to learn about the obviously cool things – like birth control – or obviously important things, like menopause or diabetes.

It’s also easy to motivate myself to learn about the terrifyingly complicated things, like cancers.

But I have never been able to motivate myself to learn about bones.  It’s the worst thing ever:  Show me a picture of Haversian canals and – oh god, I need a Red Bull now.  That phrase is just awful.

The closest I’ve ever come to successfully learning about bone biology is knowing that osteoclasts absorb bone – because while in class, I’m supposed to be absorbing the bone information – but osteoblasts do the opposite, because blast, I never absorb anything.  (Osteocytes are grown-up osteoblasts.  Because since I never absorbed anything, when I grow up I will cite all bone information directly from a textbook.)

Luckily, since this is the 3rd time this year we’re learning about bones, now I can at least remember the names of those cells without that ridiculous mnemonic.  Progress!

But despite that, you could still say I have an intense Haversian to this material.


(… I’ll be here all week, folks!  Tip your waiters!)

7 thoughts on “Bones

  1. I HATE bones. I memorized what I had to for our exam and promptly forgot it. I have already decided I am NOT relearning it for the step, other than what is in FA.
    Endocrine is cool, you’ll like it- but oh my god, if you guys are also doing reproduction at the same time, it is just… scary.

  2. Endocrine on my course is all the freaking hormones, growth, reproduction AND cancer. Just to kill us a little more.

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